Next Use has permanently closed. Thank you to all of our clients for their amazing support and everyone who is working towards a cleaner planet - we appreciate you all.

Next Use Composting & Recycling

Next Use is a Colorado based company with a big vision, founded out of an urgency to preserve the environment for future generations. We are dedicated to reducing waste destined for landfills through accessible and affordable composting and recycling services. It is our mission to make low waste living easy, to connect your recyclables and compost with their next use and to collectively lessen our impact on the planet.

About us

Next Use is run by a dedicated team that genuinely cares about our customers and is committed to providing one-stop recycling and composting plans that are simple, eco-friendly, and low-cost.

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Our Services

Our goal is to reduce waste by making it easy and affordable to recycle and compost a wide range of materials. We serve townhomes, condos and multi-family buildings. 

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Recycle / compost

Recycling and composting are not concepts that we grew up with, but they are essential for a clean and sustainable environment. Learn more about what you can recycle and compost to reduce waste.

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