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Sustainability Made Easy

Every American each year throws out an average 1,200 pounds of organic scraps, which end up in landfills. This could instead be put towards a more useful outcome, such as composting. Next Use is a Colorado local composting business with a goal to empower our customers to create a more sustainable future. We are a dedicated team that truly cares about providing convenient, affordable, and local composting services to individuals, apartments, condos, and townhome complexes throughout the Colorado Front Range. Join the Next Use family and ensure that your food scraps will be put towards their next use!


A New Chance

What is composting?

Compost waste collection transforms seemingly “useless trash” into a valuable resource that improves soil and plants. 


Why compost? 

  • Here are just a few second chances that composting can provide for the environment: 
  • The National Resource Defense Council estimates that every 1% increase in compost used in soil helps to retain 20,000 more gallons of water per acre! 
  • It reduces the amount of methane, a big culprit of climate change, emitted into the atmosphere. 
  • Compost can provide plants with more nourishment and even counteract plant disease.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Partnering with our local composting company provides you with a convenient, affordable way to reduce your environmental impact. Here are just a few of our unique features:

User-Friendly Bins

Our 3.3 gallon bins are easy to use and you can open and close them with only one hand. They are also designed to easily fit under sinks or on your counter.

Compost More

Next Use accepts a wider scope of materials than other local compost companies. We accept more food waste to make your life easier, and to protect our planet, it’s a win-win situation. 

Seamless Service

In order to provide a user-friendly compost pick up experience, we replace your bin with a clean one during every pickup. It’s all about providing our customers with a clean and hassle-free solution.

Composting AND Recycling

Our compost business offers both recycle and local compost pick up services, making it an easy, one-stop solution for all of your needs.

Next Use Composting Services

Residential Services


If you live in a residential community and are searching for a straightforward compost pick up service, we have you covered. After you sign up for our compost service, we will drop off your bin right to your front door. With our compost pick up services, you leave your bin outside of your door, and will provide you with a new, clean bin each week.

Apartment, Condo, & Townhome Services


Typically, apartment, condo, and townhome owners do not have access to composting services, but our company is here to change that. We offer individual services or can work with property management teams and HOAs to offer services to everyone in your complex. We can then either set up a single collection location or, with access to the building, we can pick up bins straight from your front doors.

An Easier Way to Compost

In just a few minutes, you could be making a positive impact on our planet’s future. Here’s how our local composting services in Colorado work:

1. Sign Up

First, sign up for a composting service that fits your specific needs. Then, you will receive a welcome email detailing what items can and can’t be accepted. This email will also include information about pickup days. We will also drop off your bin right to your door!

2. Pick Up

Every week, we pick up your bin and swap it out for a clean one. In addition, we are always available through phone or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Drop Off

After our compost collection, we take the organic matter to our partners, A1 Organics, who will ensure that your waste is put to its next use.

Colorado Service Areas


Our local compost company is pleased to offer five service locations in Colorado: Broomfield, Denver and Westminster. We are constantly expanding our services, so if you don’t see your city listed, contact us



Central Denver


We are always expanding our service area. If you do not live in an area that we currently serve, please contact us.

Prices Your Wallet Will Love

Our compost company is dedicated to making sustainability affordable and easy. We offer simple, recurring payments and multiple different composting services, so you will be sure to find one that works for you!

Individual Composting

1 Bin: $ 19.99* / Monthly

2 Bins: $ 29.99* / Monthly

You can opt for one 3.3 gallon bin, or for two bins, which means that you will have 6.6 gallons to fill up before each compost pick up.

Individual Recycling

$ 24.99* / Monthly

Want to make the most of your sustainability investment? Our recycling and composting package provides you with the convenience of both services at a discounted rate.


Composting & Plastic Bags

$ 24.99* / Monthly

This package gives you the flexibility to combine composting services with recycling pickup for plastic bags/plastic film.



Composting & Recycling

$ 29.99* / Monthly

Want to go above and beyond? With our combined recycling and composting service, you will receive the convenience of two services at a discounted price.  


* The prices displayed are individual household rates.


Ready to Go Green?

Next Use invites you to join us in working towards creating a sustainable future and a better Colorado today. Individuals can sign up for our composting services online and property managers can call us at (303) 736-9419 to discuss your needs.

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