Composting in a Condo

We Do Waste Right

When you live in a Colorado condo, you might think that composting is impossible. You likely don’t have a personal yard or garden, maybe your HOA doesn’t provide a service, and the last thing you want is your space to smell from a DIY compost solution that doesn’t contain the odor. All of this probably means that you are just forced to throw away the food – which in turn, ends up in a landfill producing harmful methane that contributes to climate change. According to the EPA, the US alone produces over 63 million tons of food waste annually. Just because you reside in a condo doesn’t mean you have to contribute to the 63 million tons. With the help of Next Use, you can reduce your environmental impact and live more sustainably. Next Use is a Colorado based compost and recycling service that offers convenient, affordable, and user-friendly composting solutions. Our services are designed to make it easier for you to reduce your carbon footprint, even in a condo. Sign up today to start putting your food waste to better use.


Composting in Condos Made Easy

Compost More

With Next Use, you can compost more and waste less. We accept a much wider range of nutrient rich organic materials—including meats and dairy, fish, certified compostable service ware and packaging—compared to many other independent composting services or DIY alternatives.

Clean Bins Every Time

No one wants a dirty, odor-ridden bucket sitting in their home. Next Use picks up weekly and provides a clean, empty compost bin that seals tight and prevents odors at no extra cost.

Hassle Free Pickup

We know you’re a busy person and we also know living in a condo doesn’t make it easy to compost. That’s why Next Use picks up directly from your door. We take care of the hassle so you don’t have to. If building access is required, we will coordinate with building management to acquire an access code and to comply with all rules and regulations of the complex.

Perfectly Sized Bins

Our 3.3 gallon containers are easy to use and can be opened and closed with only one hand. We have designed them to fit under kitchen skins or be placed on your counter.

Condo Composting Services

Condo HOA Composting 

Oftentimes, Colorado condo HOAs are responsible for garbage disposal, which may include recycling and compost. By including compost in your services, you can save upwards of 20% of your landfill fees. The savings far outweigh the costs. Offering composting services to your residents also creates a greener, happier community, leading to more desirable places to live (which can even boost property values). Next Use is here to help HOAs facilitate these greener communities by providing composting to their residents. Together, we tailor programs to individual complexes that provide residents with painless composting.

Individual Services 

Next Use also caters to those looking to service their individual condos in Colorado. Don’t wait around on your HOA, we make it easy and simple to start lowering your carbon footprint. Next Use is a straightforward and affordable way to feel good about helping the environment. You can sign up online, and we will deliver the bins straight to your door. It’s that simple! No need to invest in expensive, complicated composters. We are also sure to double check with your HOA to ensure we are not being disruptive and following your complex’s policies. Additionally, you will receive a welcome email containing all the information needed for your composting process to ensure your food waste items are getting put towards their next use.

Colorado Service Areas

We are a locally licensed Colorado-based company that offers door side composting services for residents of all kinds. Next Use offers composting located in a city or in a suburban area.


Central Denver


We are always expanding our service area. If you do not live in an area that we currently serve, please contact us.


Composting Services

1 Bin: $ 19.99* / Monthly

2 Bins: $ 29.99* / Monthly

We offer options for composting in a condo with one or two 3.3 gallon composting bins.

Recycling & Composting

$ 29.99* / Monthly

Combine both recycling and composting in a condo for a discounted rate.



Composting & Plastic Bags

$ 24.99* / Monthly

Combine composting in a condo with recycling pickup for plastic bags and plastic film.


 Group Rates

Rates Vary

Composting in a condo complex and looking for group rates?. Please contact us for more details.

*The prices displayed above are individual household rates.


Ready to Put Your Waste Towards Its Next Use?

Next Use makes it easy and affordable to compost in a Colorado condo. Whether you are composting in a city or in the suburbs we have you covered. Join us in creating a more sustainable Colorado community. Individual residents looking for ways to compost in a condo can sign up for our programs online and HOA representatives can call us at (303) 736-9419 for a customized proposal. 


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