Apartment Recycling Services

When living in an apartment complex, you have all the necessary services, such as running water, electricity, waste management, cable and the internet. What more could you need?! Well, your building might be lacking recycling pickup services. Many apartment complexes do not offer recycling services, which is where Next Use comes in. Our Colorado-based business offers programs for recycling in apartment complexes for both individuals and entire buildings! Don’t let living in an apartment stop you from being environmentally-friendly, start recycling today!


Untapped Potential For a Greener Future

According to Statistica, around 13% of Colorado’s population call an apartment their home and according to the Denver Post only about 16% of Coloradans recycle. On top of that, typically only a small fraction of apartment complexes recycle, meaning there is a large portion of Colorado residents who are unable to put their waste to its next use. That’s where Next Use comes in. We want to help this underserved portion of Coloradans who live in apartment buildings to recycle and by doing so: 

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce the amount of waste in landfills
  • Reduce pollution
  • Create green jobs
  • Reduce effects of climate change


Individual Services

If you are looking for an apartment recycling solution in Colorado, your search can finally come to an end. Next Use is here to make recycling at apartment complexes convenient and affordable. In just three quick and simple steps you could be signed up and begin your recycling journey - it’s that easy!

Do Less, Recycle More

Not only are you doing your part in ensuring a more sustainable future, but you are also receiving comprehensive apartment recycling solutions. Some benefits to Next Use’s apartment recycling solutions include:

Recycle More

For recycling in apartment buildings, just remember to stack broken-down cardboard behind your bin and make sure to keep any plastic bags/film materials in a separate plastic bag. We are proud to be the only curbside/dumpster recycling company that can take plastic bags/film!

Single Steam Recycling

Stop spending so much time worrying about separating your recyclables. We accept all your recyclables in a single bin! 

Conveniently Sized Bins

We provide a 14-gallon bin which is perfect for recycling at apartment complexes, since residents are already tight on space.

Direct Pick Up

With doorside service, you no longer need to make multiple trips down to a large dumpster, or worry about if your recycling materials are being properly taken care of.

Hassle-Free 3 Step Process

1. Sign Up

After signing up, you will receive a welcome email with apartment recycling information regarding pick up days. Later, when we deliver your bin(s) to your door, you will find physical copies of the same recycling information from the initial email. We will also be in contact with your apartment building manager in order to gain access to the complex if needed.

2. Pick Up

With recycling in an apartment, you just need to leave your bin outside your door on the designated recycling pickup day. There’s no need to leave your apartment room!

3. Drop Off

 After we collect your bin, our crew drops off the materials with one of our local recycling partners, where it will then be put to its next use.

Property Managers

Not only do we offer apartment recycling solutions to individuals, but we also offer them to property owners of apartment communities throughout Colorado. You can reach out to us at any time and we will be in contact with you to create a proposal detailing all of the logistics. Once you are signed up, we work on delivering bins to each building and sending out all relevant emails/paperwork.

Happier, Greener Communities

Around 94% of Americans support recycling, yet only 35% of the population actually recycles. Why is there such a large disconnect? Well, in another study, it was found that nearly 40% of Americans don’t recycle because of a lack of convenient access, and 20% don’t recycle because they don’t have enough information. As an apartment manager, you have the unique opportunity to fill this need, make your building residents happy, and potentially attract new tenants looking for an environmentally-friendly community to live in. Here are the benefits you can reap when apartment recycling is implemented throughout an entire building:


Recycling in apartment complexes shouldn’t be an added stressor, which is why we focus on providing the best service to ensure a positive experience for everyone. We diligently follow all building regulations to ensure that any areas that we have access to remain free of debris. Additionally, building access codes are strictly limited to our employees, in order to ensure the safety of your residents.


Recycling in apartment buildings shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We will gladly work with you to create a unique plan that fits your needs and budget.


We are very flexible and will provide the resources you need in order to feel secure about how our apartment recycling solutions will work within your building. This means that if any unexpected issues arise, we are prepared to quickly handle the situation.

Colorado Service Areas




We are always expanding our service area. If you do not live in an area that we currently serve, please contact us.


Recycling Only

$ 29.99* / Monthly

Individuals recycling in apartment buildings receive a 14 gallon bin with weekly pickup services. As an added bonus, apartment residents will also be able to recycle plastic bags/film.

Recycling & Composting

$ 44.99* / Monthly

If you really want to make a positive impact on the environment, you can opt for our recycling and composting dual service!


 Group Rates

Rates Vary

With our discounted group rates, we can help create a pricing plan that works for you. Please contact us online for more details.



* The prices displayed are individual household rates. Looking for group rates? Please contact us.


Ready To Save The Environment?

Attention all Colorado apartment residents and owners! With our direct pickup services, expanded list of acceptable materials, and dedication to professionalism, Next Use makes recycling in apartment complexes easier than ever. Join us in creating a more sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy! Here at Next Use, we do waste right.

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